Michelle Powell is the wife of NFL superstar Devin McCourty.

In April 2016, Michelle married Devin. They then went on to conceive three kids. Sadly, the duo lost their third one.

Read about Michelle’s wiki in detail. Also, become familiar with her job, height, and net worth. In the process, discover her educational background and history with Devin.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Michelle Powell turned 32 years of age in the Spring of 2020.

What’s more, Michelle woke up to birthday messages on 19th March every year.

Per reports online, Michelle was born in 1988. Furthermore, she is a Pisces.

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Michelle Powell Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

In terms of ethnicity, Michelle Powell identified as a Blasian (Black and Asian) woman. While her mother was of Asian descent, her father carried African-American ancestry.

Michelle admired her parents equally.

On her mother’s birthday in November 2012, Michelle penned a heartfelt message. She wrote:

“As much as I hate admitting it, I get SO many traits from her, good & bad…She’s the main reason for any & ALL of my academic success thus far..believed & pushed me to the max even when I didn’t want to believe in myself anymore, would give her last penny & crumbs for her kids, & I can’t do anything but love her for that.”

Likewise, in 2019, Michelle penned a heartwarming IG caption on Father’s Day. At the time, she wrote:

“To the man who set the ultimate daddy bar from day 1, the 1st man I ever loved, my 1st hero, playmate, protector, provider, secret keeper from mommy 👀, the epitome of an incredible husband to my mother and father to her children.”

Michelle grew up with a sibling(s) but never posted them on Instagram.

Michelle Powell Height, Weight, Measurements

Discussing physical features, Michelle owned a fit physique with 36-25-37 inches body measurements.

Also, Michelle Powell possessed 59 kilograms weight and five feet six inches in height.

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Social Media Presence: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Interestingly, Michelle wasn’t active on Twitter and Facebook as much as she was on Instagram. On the platform, she had garnered 6.2k followers by June 2020.

Michelle Powell Job, Net Worth, MD

Many may not know but Michelle Powell is a doctor by profession.

In 2014, Michelle acquired her M.D. from the New Jersey-based Rutgers University. June that year, she landed a job at the department of emergency medicine.

By 2020, Michelle was no longer practicing medicine. She was essentially a stay-at-home-mother.

Although her net worth eluded everyone, Michelle could lay claim to her husband’s $28 million fortune.

How Did Michelle Powell & Devin McCourty Begin Dating?

When Michelle first met Devin Powell at Rutgers University, she was dating someone else. As such, they would remain friends for years before pursuing a romantic relationship.

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How Did They Become Engaged?

When the time of the proposal came, Devin picked Disney World — the happiest place on Earth. Talking about their engagement, Michelle shared,

“Our proposal was nothing short of a fairytale-preceded by bits of drama to add to the suspense. We had already planned a family trip to Disneyworld [sic] with myself, Dev, his twin brother Jason and his wife Melissa and 2-year-old daughter Liana. We had spent the whole day at a Universal Studios park, went back to the hotel to get freshened up to go to Disneyworld [sic] that night to see the fireworks and for little Liana to meet some princesses that were set up by her parents in advance. Turns out there was a ton of traffic, so we missed the fireworks. Then, the monorail stopped working. So the only way out of Disney was the ferry.”

Michelle then added:

“Suddenly, our tour guide gives Dev a box — and Dev pulls out a pair of glass slippers. I looked quickly at them and said aww how pretty (didn’t notice that our names were engraved on them). Then as I go to walk away from Cinderella, Dev says, ‘wait. let’s see if they fit.’ They were kids/display sized shoes so I knew it was a joke. He even got on one knee to pretend to put the glass slippers on my feet. I just said, ‘umm they’re not going to fit, get up.’ Then I look and Liana, who was sitting on Jason’s shoulders, hands Dev a small box as he remains on his knees. And suddenly, a ton of cameras start flashing in our direction. I honestly still was clueless for a few more seconds until Dev opened the box and I realized what was happening.”

Wedding Details

On 30th April 2020, Michelle Powell and Devin McCourty tied the knot. They exchanged their wedding vows at the Garfield, New Jersey-based venue called the Venetian.

On the big day, Michelle wore a custom Pnina Tornai wedding gown. Meanwhile, Devin sported a non-traditional suit.

The theme for Michelle and Devin’s wedding was silver and teal. What’s more, the married dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”

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Michelle Powell & Devin McCourty: Kids, Daughter

In 2017, Michelle Powell and her husband welcomed their first child — a daughter named Londyn.

The family of three grew into a crew of four after the arrival of Brayden Calvin — Michelle and Devin’s second bundle of joy.


Michelle and Devin with their kids

Michelle and Devin’s joy knew no bound when they conceived their third child (also their second daughter). Tragically, their daughter Mia lost her heartbeat before she was born.

On 24th May 2020, Michelle and Devin learned Mia had passed away. At the time, she was 31 weeks 2 days pregnant.

Via a statement, the married duo shared they were heartbroken, devastated, speechless, angry, sad, confused and numb.”

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