Your inspiration is the dreams you see with open eyes. Margie Cooper, the antique expert from BBC show, Antiques Road Trip has proven it with the power of her dreams.

Her family engagement might have been her foremost motivation. But not just in terms of antiques but modeling too, she made it to the peak.

Both as a model and antique expert, Margie stands out in the public eyes. She has a list of followers waiting for her to bestow her knowledge, and her expertise mind, in front of the television. Read further to know more about her career in Antique Road Trip, her net worth, family, and many more!

Margie Cooper Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Margie Cooper probably reached the age of 71 in 2020. Her actual birthday has been a secret to the public, thus, also concealing her zodiac sign from the public eye.

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Margie Cooper Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Margie’s professional life, since her young age, has been all like an open book to the public. However, when it comes to her personal life, she has remained tight-lipped about most aspects.

Whatsoever, Margie revealed that initially, her hometown was in Lancashire. She was born Marjorie “Margie” Cooper there, in a family having a history in antique dealing.

Margie’s grandmother was an antique dealer. So, from an early age, she drew interest in the business.

Talking about her education, Margie started with Queen Mary School at Lythan St. Annes. Further, she studied journalism and worked for many local and national magazines.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Margie Cooper’s height is a satisfying one. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 65 kgs.

Her distinct features are not less visible, as the lady well maintains her outlook. Her background in modeling certainly contributes to the way Margie presents herself even in her early 70s.

Also, her distinct features are not limited to her looks but her personality. Margie’s styling still becomes successful in stunning people.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

“Present but Far” is the phrase perfect for her use of social media. Margie neither has a Facebook Instagram, nor a Twitter account of her own.

This doesn’t mean the lady is totally alienated from modern social media use. She is often seen on the official Instagram page of Antique Road Trip.

Her appearance not only fascinates people but also ends up encouraging many into the business.

Hence, not having her own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account didn’t stop Margie to be present on social media.

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Margie Cooper Model Photos, Antiques Road Trip, Net Worth

The journey in the show-biz world has never been new for her. Hence, there is a reason why Margie Cooper’s Model Photos got into many people’s search list.

Margie used to work as a fashion model and also did cover shoots for several magazines as a model.

Modeling alone didn’t keep the lady from following her passion for the antique business. Its idea and knowledge of antiques were certainly passed down to her through her family. So, it might have never been a second thought business for Margie.

Also, her followers believe that her modeling interest grew from her love for art, craft, and fashion. They think she might have dipped into the field due to the inspiration from her family business.

Similarly, her journey to BBC’s Antique Road Trip started back in 1985. Having served in the antique business field for a long, she joined BBC’s Antique Roadshow in 1985.

Her appearance reflecting her expert mind in the business impressed the viewers. Thus, for the latter spin-off-season Antique Road Trip, the show enlisted her as an expert in the year 2010.

Thus, from all her lifetime jobs, experiences, and dedication, the lady amassed a net worth of nearly $1 million.

Margie Cooper Husband, Married, Kids

Until 2020, Margie Cooper had been married to her husband for decades. She and her husband, Mick reside in Cheshire, more than 45 miles far from her hometown in Lancashire.

The couple together has two kids, both sons, who are all grownups and have started their own families.

Not many details on her family life have further been out in the public.

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