On 6th July 2020, CBS began airing a competition series titled “Tough As Nails”. As noted on the network’s website, the latest TV show celebrated everyday Americans with toughest works. Further, created by Phil and Louise Keoghan, “Tough As Nails” featured a dozen hardworking contestants including Linnett Key.

Delve into Linnett’s wiki info and discover her husband, kids, and height. Moreover, read about her net worth, job, and family!

Linnett Key Wiki — Age, Family, Height

When “Tough As Nails” premiered in Summer 2020, Linnett Key was 34 years of age.

Moreover, Linnett kept her zodiac, date of birth, and her birthday at bay.

Talking family life, Linnett was thick as thieves with her dad. In November 2019, she shared a photo with him and captioned it:

“My daddy. My pops. The man who loves me unconditionally came to visit. Of course, the kids cried when he left. Thankful for him every day.”

Linnett’s siblings and mother, meanwhile, didn’t make their presence felt on her social media feeds.

Furthermore, Linnett hailed from Lecanto, Florida. She was of African-American descent.

Linnett took matters of fitness seriously. As a certified personal trainer, she regularly hit the gym and exercise to maintain her 69 kilograms weight.

Also, Linnett Key towered above 5 feet 7 inches in height.

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Net Worth, Job History, Salary

Passionate, resilient, and motivated, Linnett worked as a welder and fabricator to make her ends meet.

In Fall 2017, Linnett joined “Trademark Metals Recycling LLC.”

According to Linnett, her job consisted “of grinding, torching, fabricating, and other functions. I paint and set concrete and read and write blueprints.”

Describing her typical workday, Linnett told

“I wake up at 4:00 AM, drive one and a half hours to work, work from 6:00 AM until 5:30 PM, and then I drive 45 minutes to my second job. I make it home around 10:00 PM after going to the grocery store. Then cook dinner, eat by 11:00 PM, bed by 11:30 PM and then I do it all again the next day.”

From her work as a welder, Linnett Key pocked a handsome salary of around $35k-$65k p.a. The earnings added to her $250 thousand net worth.

Admittedly, Linnett held two jobs and worked 16 hours per day. The other job is — operating a self-owned fitness company “Lkey Fit.”

To support her business, Linnett ran a website. On there, she doled out free indoor and outdoor training. For an online fitness course though, Linnett charged around $20 per hour.

Before launching her company, Linnett worked at “Crunch Fitness,” “Gravity Fitness Business,” and “YCMA of Greater Richmond.”

Also, Linnett earned personal trainer certification from AFAA. Additionally, she was also a certified Zumba instructor.

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Linnett Key Husband, Kids, Baby Fathers

One of the reasons why Linnett Key placed her through “Tough as Nails” was her four kids — 3 sons and a daughter.

By her admission, Linett wanted to provide financial security for the family.


Linnett with her children (Pic – Linnett’s IG)

As of July 2020, Linnett was a single mother. In that, she didn’t rely on a husband figure to help raise her children. In the same breath, it was unclear if her baby father(s) assisted Linnett.

Linnett’s first child was born in July 2003.

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