Blessed with an immaculate pen, Kevin Grevioux became famous for his screenwriting efforts in the film “Underworld.” His popularity reached a peak following appearances on TV shows and movies.

Designed with wiki format, the biography down below highlights Kevin’s net worth and married life.

How Old Is Kevin Grevioux? Bio, Family, Height

Kevin Grevioux turned 57 years old on 9th September 2019. A Chicago, Illinois-native, he was born in the year 1962.

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With his family, Kevin spent his formative years in different states including New Jersey, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Massachusetts. He is siblings with a brother called Steve.

Discussing educational background, Kevin boasts a microbiology degree from Howard University. While there, he minored in chemistry and psychology minor. He later pursued a master’s in genetic engineering.

At six feet and three inches height, Kevin is a behemoth in size.

Net Worth, Books, Show-Biz Career

Before show-biz fame, Kevin Grevioux held a job at the National Institutes of Health. While in college, he worked as a security for various DC-based night clubs. (

Circa 2003, Kevin realized his lifelong dream by founding a comic book company “DarkStorm Studios.” In the subsequent years, he penned several comic books including “Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #1,” “MD Zombies of Mass Destruction #4,” “New Warriors #19,” “Young Avengers Presents #5,” “Legend of the Blue Marvel #3,” and more.

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Working as an actor, Kevin starred in films “The Doorman,” “The Mask,” “Batman Forever” and “Animal Crackers.” Meanwhile, “Cannon Busters” and “Young Justice” are TV shows featuring him.

Kevin boasts screenwriting credits on movies such as “Underworld,” “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans,” “I, Frankenstein” and “Ben 10: the Ultimate Alien.”

Credit to a show-biz career, Kevin flaunts $2 million net worth.

Wife, Married, Kids


Kevin Grevioux with wife Bronwyn Grevuioux circa Jan 2009 (Pic – Getty Images)

Kevin Grevioux found a wife when he crossed paths with Bronwyn Grevioux. Unfortunately, interesting details about the married duo’s love life escapes public knowledge.

Questions as to when and how Kevin and girlfriend-turned-wife Bronwyn got married, engaged and began dating escaped public knowledge.

As of February 2020, Kevin maintained silence on whether or not he and Bronwyn were blessed with kids.

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A holder of a J.D. degree from ALU, Browyn held a job at the Bilson Law Office.

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