David Sedaris wears many hats all at the same time but he is best recognized as an author. While he has enjoyed success career-wise and in love and relationship, his partner and “husband” Hugh Hamrick has stayed a mystery figure to many.

No worries, as we’ve unearthed a few pieces of information on Hugh’s career and net worth, so scroll down to learn more about him.

Hugh Hamrick Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Compared to David Sedaris, Hugh Hamrick seems a few years younger by age. However, he never shared his date of birth as of this writing.

Along with age, he is also yet to answer questions regarding his birthday and zodiac. But as for David Sedaris, he was born on 26 December 1956 which made him a Capricorn.

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Hugh Hamrick Wiki — Father, Mother, Siblings

Hugh Hamrick chose to speak very little about his life. For an artist, it is quite absurd that he decided to step away from media attention and not disclose any personal information.

But the only thing we know about his parents is that his father Samuel J. Hamrick was a foreign service officer and a political advisor who worked as a career diplomat and penned a few nobles in his time. He is best known for The Man Who Lost the War, The Shadow Cabinet, and a la le Carre, a spy novel which he wrote under the name W.T. Tyler.

Hugh once mentioned his mom who wished to know what his partner did for a living. When he answered that his boyfriend was a writer, his mother replied that she was sorry for that.

Growing up, Hugh and his family traveled lived in several countries. He and his three older siblings lived in Somalia, Congo, Beirut, and Ethiopia.

Social Media Reach: IG, Facebook, Twitter

In a time when so-called “artists” craved attention and wide exposure and didn’t hold back on anything to reach the esteemed place, Hugh hides behind the success of his partner.

When social media accounts have become a must for most people with access to cell-phone and the internet, he happily enjoys life outside of it. Safe to say, Hugh has no interest in making friends and establishing a social media clout and inviting strangers into his personal space.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Regardless of the secrecy which Hugh perpetuates, he couldn’t abstain from the camera lenses and interview all thanks to his partner David Sedaris.

And the one thing everybody notices for sure is Hugh Hamrick’s steel-gray hair. His well-built body weighed about 83 kilograms (182 lbs). In the meantime, he stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters).

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Hugh Hamrick Job, Net Worth, Career

Hugh Hamrick is an artist but he built a career in theatrical-scenery shops. From the broadway set of Lion King to illustration work for David Sedaris, his boyfriend, he has done it all.

Even to this day, the set manager in London sought him for the touch-ups that the set requires. Back in the day, he mostly painted on large canvases.

But soon after Hugh and David moved to France, moving his equipment turned out to be a challenge. Despite that, he kept producing works.

Hugh’s old studio has been occupied by the former maid.

In 1998, he also worked as a costume designer for Ragtime. Slowly, Hugh’s focus has diverted from painting and became, in David’s word, a “Houseplant,” who takes care of David. He does some illustration work and days of doing large paintings and murals are probably behind him.

Hugh once competed in Sussex Artist Award with his artwork titled Green Chair and Owls, Interior. The painting earned him the place of the second runner up.

During the competition, judges selected Hugh’s painting from the group of 60 shortlisted works which was selected from 385 entries in total.

Coming to net worth, Hugh and Hamrick bought places for themselves in a different part of America and Europe. From Paris to Sussex, to Normandy, a beach house in North Carolina, and a penthouse above their pre-existing apartment in New York, the couple is worth millions.

To be more precise, Hugh Hamrick alone sits comfortably in total net worth of $1.5 million.

Hugh Hamrick & David Sedaris: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Hugh met David for the first time in 1990. David came to Hugh to burrow a ladder for his friend. Hugh at the time lived with his roommate in a loft just above The Trader.

Per the record which Hugh kept, the couple met for the first time on 22 October.

Within a few months of meeting each other, the artist and his writer cum comedian were deeply into each other. In a diary which David penned, he confessed that he was in love with Hugh.

In the relationship spanning three-decade, the couple traveled together and lived in several nations. When they met David was an aspiring writer who never dreamt of the success he attended.

In the book A Modest Proposal, David explored the couple’s reluctance on marrying and having a wedding. The couple got married on paper if not for real.

The couple married so they could save money avoiding taxes and Hugh agreed to that even if he wasn’t all in for that.

Living as a couple they never adopted kids. They have never openly discussed having one in the first place, at least publicly.

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