Overnight, Emily Wilkinson became a household name as the wife of Baker Mayfield.

A first-round pick at the 2018 NFL Draft for Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield enjoyed a breakout season in 2019. Starting in 116 games, the star quarterback threw 3,827 passing yards.

To learn about Emily, read her wiki below! Also, discover her job, height, and net worth. Furthermore, the article highlights Emily’s family, weight, and cheating allegation.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born in 1991, Emily Wilkinson celebrated her birthday on 4th April. What’s more, she became 29 years old in the Spring of 2020.

Being an April baby, Emily owned Aries for Zodiac sign.

Emily Wilkinson Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Coming to her family life, Emily Wilkinson hailed from Omaha, Nebraska. Likewise, Emily was born to parents named Lori (mother) and Dave Wilkinson (father).

Moreover, Emily addressed Benny, Annie, and Sammy as her siblings.

Interestingly, Emily wasn’t the first person in the Wilkinson household to hit the limelight. At the height of Vine’s popularity, Sammy — a singer by trade — had around 2 million followers.

A supportive sister, Emily reportedly provide Sammy a place to crash when he was pursuing a career in LA.

With Emily’s continuous push, Sammy dropped his debut album in 2016. He also became a member of a musical group “Omaha Boys.”

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Emily Wilkinson Height, Weight, Distinct Features

According to numerous sources online, Emily Wilkinson stood beyond 5 feet 7 inches stature in height. Moreover, she boasted around 57 kilograms of weight.

Talking distinct features, Emily’s green and gorgeous eyes always stood out.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Popular across all social media platforms, Emily owned a verified account on Instagram. There, he had around 202 thousand followers by Summer 2020.

Also, Emily flaunted a modest 40 thousand followers on Twitter. Meanwhile, his Facebook profile remained dormant.

Emily Wilkinson Job, Net Worth, Education

For education, Emily Wilkinson attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After graduating from college in 2013, she immediately jumped into the job market.

Post-graduation, Emily worked as a bartender at Barry’s Bar and Grill. She then landed a patient coordinator gig at “Galanis Plastic Surgery.”

There, Emily enjoyed a good relationship with the owner Charles Galanis. No wonder, she described her time at “Galanis Plastic Surgery” as “my favorite job.”

Upon her relocation to Cleveland, Emily began working as an Instagram model. On the platform, she shared beauty and fashion tips while promoting multiple brands.

Per media outlets on the internet, Emily Wilkinson flaunted around $300 thousand net worth. Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield owned $12 million net worth.

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Emily Wilkinson & Baker Mayfield: Dating, Engaged, Married

Through a mutual friend, Emily Wilkinson met Baker Mayfield. Fours year his senior, Emily had zero intentions to be with Baker but eventually caved in due to his persistence.

Emily and Baker began dating in 2018. January that year, they showed at the LA Clippers game. The lovebirds then confirmed the romance by posting photos on IG.

Six months into their dating life, Baker popped the big question. Emily duly complied. Also, she later took to IG and shared a video of their engagement.

In June 2019, Emily finally married Baker in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Malibu, California. What’s more, the groom’s teammates were there to witness them exchange the wedding vows.

Did Baker Mayfield Cheat?

Emily’s marriage with Baker was sailing smoothly until cheating allegations against the NFL surfaced.

In February 2020, a woman named Kacie Dingness claimed she performed oral sex on Baker behind The Cheesecake Factory. According to Kacie, she came forward after the star quarterback blocked her on Twitter.

After Kacie, another woman came forth and claimed she performed oral sex on Baker in December 2018.

Despite the cheating allegation, Emily continued to support her husband. When her husband took a knee in support of the BLM movement in June 2020, she stood by his decision.

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