Actor Freddy Rodriguez has been winning the hearts of many of his fans by starring in various movies and TV shows. He attracted fans with every single appearance who wanted to know him outside of the TV screen.

However, Freddy willingly stays away from public attention and camera lenses and prefers to maintain secrecy about his life. He has been married for over two decades and we only know very little about his wife Elsie Rodriguez.

However, we’ve dug up a little information on Elsie, so scroll down to learn more about her.

Elsie Rodriguez Age, Birthday, Zodiac

As per the post of Elsie’s son Elijah Rodriguez, she celebrated her birthday on 9 December. However, Elsie is yet to reveal her birthday.

However, per her date of birth, Elsie Rodriguez owned Sagittarius as her zodiac sign.

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Elsie Rodriguez Wikipedia — Family, Maiden Name, Hometown

Most information that existed on Elsie Rodriguez, she wrapped and put it away from media attention. She never opened up about her parents and where they hailed from.

Not only that, but she also omitted revealing information about her upbringing in her hometown in Chicago. For all of the social media presence which she ever made, she always used the last name of her husband instead of her maiden name, Rivera as she was born Maria Elsie Rivera.

So it is still a mystery what was the last name that she inherited from her family.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Among the Rodriguezs, Elsie is the one with the shortest height. She elevates at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters). She always received compliments for her beauty and never-fading youth even after having two kids, which happens to be her distinct features.

Also, Elsie Rodriguez weighed about 74 kilograms (163 lbs).

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about Elsie Rodriguez’s social media reach, her private Instagram account owned 188 followers in total. She posted on the platform 83 times at the time of writing and it shelters a few information about her.

In the same way, Elsie also owns another Instagram account @elsierodriguezdesigns which earned her a total of 705 followers.

Likewise, Elsie is also on Twitter which garnered her 134 followers in total. In the app, she mostly retweets whenever news regarding Puerto Rico pops up.

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Elsie Rodriguez Net Worth, Job, Career

While Freddy pursued acting as a career not long after he graduated high school from Lincoln Park High School, Elsie pursued interior designing as a way to make living. Per her Instagram bio, she is the co-owner of Interior Solutions LLC and has worked her magic in the homes of several high-end clients including the singer, Rihanna.

Elsie isn’t only limiting interior design outside of her house. Her husband, Freddy, in an interview, complimented the work she did in their home. The couple lived in a five-bedroom, five-bathroom Mediterranean-styled house in Woodlawn Hills.

All of the designs inside their house, Elsie accomplished it all by herself.

However, Elsie did the best job of raising two kids and instilled values in them. Based on the portfolio which she presented on her social media account, she makes a decent earning with her job as an interior designer.

Though the evaluation regarding her net worth hasn’t been made, Elise easily sits on a total net worth of $400 thousand.

Elsie Rodriguez & Freddy: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Elsie Rodriguez and Freddy Rodriguez started dating back in the ’90s. Freddy also attended the same high school which she did, started dating, and fell in love with each other.

Eventually, the couple decided to tie knots which they did on 23 December 1995 in a beautiful wedding ceremony. They went on to have two kids, Elija Rodriguez and Giancarlo Rodriguez.

Elija graduated from Oaks Christian High School in 2016 and went on to attend the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Ever since then he has been traveling all over.

As for her son Giancarlo, he graduated from Boston University in 2017.

The Rodriguez couple often avoided interviews and spotlight. However, when Freddy was asked about the secret of his long-lasting marriage with Elsie, he credited it all to the “strong spiritual upbringing” and staying away from public eyes.

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