The iconic Hip-Hop collective Wu-Tang Clan introduced many iconic musical figures — from Method Man, Ghostface Killa to the late-great ODB. The Staten Island group’s affiliate members too went on to gain notoriety. However, none stood out as much as Christ Bearer.

Board on as we uncover details about Christ’s wife, net wealth, and the famous “self-mutilation” incident by reading his wiki!

How Old Is Christ Bearer? Wiki, Family, Height

On 19th April 2019, Christ Bearer turned 36 years of age. Moreover, the notorious wordsmith is birthday buddies with Indian steel tycoon Mukesh Ambani.

Discussing family life: Christ’s biological parents had bestowed him with the government named Andre Johnson.

Measuring beyond five feet and ten inches in height, Christ sports a bald head. Also, he reportedly hailed from the West Coast — Long Beach, California.

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Christ Bearer Net Worth, Albums, Songs

Christ Bearer initially made waves in the Hip-Hop scene as a member of “Black Knights of The North Star.” After signing with the RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, he and Meko The Pharoah formed “Northstar.”

Following three albums with “Northstar,” Christ embarked on a solo career and released albums including “For Christ Sake I,” “Big Black Truths & Little White Lies,” “Atomic God,” and two more.

Of all songs “Thirsty/When The Guns Come Out” and “I Gotta Get Paid/When The Guns Come Out” are Christ’s popular singles.

Owning to longevity in rap, Christ reportedly summons $250 thousand in net worth. His career as an adult performer and stand-up comic contributed to the stated wealth.

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WIfe, Girlfriend, Married Details

Christ Bearer’s first reported wife is Aubri Wells Griffins. Despite the marriage ending in divorce, the union between the two proved a fruitful one. Together, they had three children — daughters Lauren & Lana and a son named Kennedy.

In 2019, Christ re-immersed himself in the dating scene. He credited TMZ for facilitating his meeting with future girlfriend Cheryl.

After six months+ of dating bliss, Christ and his second wife Cheryl got married on 30th December 2019. The wedding, uncharacteristically, was a low-key event.


Christ Bearer with girlfriend-cum-wife Cheryl (Pic – TMZ)

Why Did Christ Bearer Cut Off His Penis?

Circa 2014, Christ Bearer chopped off his penis and attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony. The doctors successfully reattached his penis back to his body.

Speaking after the incident, Christ blamed depression, literature about vasectomies, and consumption of weed for reckless behavior. At the time, the notorious rapper was legally not allowed to meet his daughters.

Christ later claimed that a combo of PCP, meth, molly, alcohol, and sleep deprivation led to him slicing off his genitalia.

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