Leah McSweeney and her siblings found success in their life and career as an adult. And the credit for their accomplishments goes to their parents without a doubt.

Leah’s dad Bryan McSweeney and mom Bunny McSweeney always showed love and support towards their children’s success. By returning the favor, Leah also had them starring on the reality show Real Housewives of New York (RHNOY) giving them celebrity status.

Since Bryan deserved a wiki as much as Leah did, scroll down to learn more about him.

Bryan McSweeney Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Bryan McSweeney was born on 22 February 1950. He turned 70 years old while celebrating his birthday in February of 2020.

Per his date of birth, Bryan secured Pisces as his zodiac sign.

Bryan McSweeney Wiki — Early Life, Nationality, Family

Bryan McSweeney was born to his father Danny McSweeney and his anonymous mother. While almost no information on his parents made it to the public knowledge, Bryan mentioned on his social media that his father was a WWII veteran. Followed by that, he joined a secret military job that they knew very little about.

More on his family: Bryan grew up with his sister Cecilia G McSweeney. Besides names, any information left to share on her sister escaped public attention.

As Bryan shared the media spotlight because of her daughter Leah McSweeney, her story always overshadowed the untold stories of her father, Bryan. Plus, Bryan didn’t feel the necessity to share much information about him. However, he posts pictures on his social media sharing memories.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about Bryan’s physical appearance, he stands at a towering height of 5 feet 12 inches (1.82 meters) while owning 82 kilograms (180 lbs) height at the same time.

Moreover, Bryan McSweeney dons a grey hair and beard combo that gave him distinct features. In addition, he appears as if he was always dressed for occasions. A man in his 70’s he still has many more to offer.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Moving onto his social media reach, Bryan McSweeney garnered 752 followers [Aug 2020] on his Instagram account. Besides that, he doesn’t seem to be on any other social media platform including Twitter and Facebook.

Bryan McSweeney Job, Net Worth, Education

As of 2020, what Bryan exactly did to make a living remains a mystery. Though his Instagram suggested, like his father, he also served in the U.S. Army as he talked about learning about brotherhoods and love for the nation from his father.

Likewise, Bryan completely immersed himself in spending time with his family and following his passion for drawing. Whatever he sketches, Bryan surely posts it on his Instagram account. He drew and paint several things and Leah’s mugshot was one of the notable ones.

Besides painting, he is also an avid reader. He had been posting the pages from the book which he found intriguing. But, there existed no clue how far he made it regarding his educational accomplishments.

In addition to that, Bryan also starred on a few episodes of the RHONY alongside her daughter.

Moving on to his net worth, Bryan McSweeney boasted a total fortune of $1.5 million.

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Bryan & Bunny McSweeney: Dating, Wedding, Children

Bryan McSweeney and Bunny AKA Bernadette McSweeney met each other in their late teens. Only the married couple knows how they got together in the first place.

But, the couple is still happily married for almost 5 decades as of August of 2020. And even after all these years, their relationship remains unscathed and stronger than it ever was.

Bryan and Bunny went on to have two daughters, Leah McSweeney and Sarah McSweeney, and a son named Daniel McSweeney. All of their children made their way into the entertainment industry while working as either reality stars or models.

As Bryan’s social media posts indicated, he and his wife maintained a close relationship with all of their children. While they had a few issues with Leah McSweeney in the past, the couple reconciled their relationship and were working for the better.

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