Britney Theriot is a multi-tasker actress, bruited of her affair with the legendary actor, Russell Crowe. Although the two were rumored to be in a relationship for some years now, it was their viral 2020 pictures that broke all the records.

So, where did they meet and how did the bond between two different generation actors star? This has been a popular question for a long time. The answer is, Britney and Russell did a movie together.

To know what movie they played in together and when was it, subscribe to the article!

Britney Theriot Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Britney Theriot remained tight-lipped regarding most of her personal details. So, her exact birthday was unknown to the audience for quite a while. This hence concealed her zodiac sign as well.

However, Brittney was 30 years in age while the rumors of her affair with the famous Russell Crowe made hype on the internet.

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Britney Theriot Wiki — Nationality, Family, Early Life

Britney Theriot mentioned New Orleans, Louisiana as her hometown. Thus, the lady is an American by nationality.

Similarly, from her bio, she might have dwelled her early life plus her later life in her hometown. That’s because Britney wrote that her current place of residence was also New Orleans.

When it comes to her family background, the lady is yet to unveil details on it.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Britney Theriot stands at a satisfying height of 5 feet 5 inches. Her weight of under 53 kgs makes her look perfect with her perfect body measurements.

Although Briteny kept herself far from media coverage for some time, her distinct features still are eye-catchers.

Her sparkling smile and matching blond hair also fall under her distinct features as her style makes it look like she is the only one to have them.

However, as apparent, some of her features match the physical attributes of Russell Crowe’s first wife. No surprise as both are actresses, have a maintained body, and are, white-blonde ladies.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Not on Twitter, but Britney has kept herself updated on the technology with her activities on Facebook. Her Facebook account might be open to all like everyone else’s but her Instagram account is private.

Although her Instagram account is private, she garnered more than 1.5K followers until early November 2020.

Britney Theriot Job, Movies, Net Worth

Britney Theriot is an actress, famous for her role in the movies. Especially, her role as Valerie in the 2013 crime drama Broken City, is what people recognize her for.

Although she seems to have taken a break from the entertainment industry, Britney has always been busy with her job.

Besides movies, Britney Theriot worked as a realtor at Mirambell Realty. Her work in the realty sector has also been quite recognizable.

From all the job Briteny put her hands in until now, she made a net worth of more than $150 thousand.

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Britney Theriot & Russell Crowe: Dating, How Did They Meet?

Britney Theriot’s affair with the Oscar winner Russell Crowe made a talk of the town in November 2020. The two were spotted kissing while playing tennis.

However, Britney and Russell’s affair was not new for the audience as they have been spotted together many times since doing a movie together. So, the answer to how did they meet is, probably movie sets.

They are the co-stars from Broken City, a 2013 hit. Fans believe that Britney and Russell started dating after Russell got divorced from his ex-wife Danielle Spencer in April 2018.

Although, the pair themselves never confirmed their relationship publicly. But their paparazzi caught their romantic moment in the tennis field, which brought new modes to the rumors of many years.


Britney Theriot kisses her rumored boyfriend, actor Russell Crowe in the middle of their tennis game. (Pic-MatrixNews Australia)

Besides their romantic moments, the age difference between Britney and her rumored boyfriend Russell also made quite a buzz on the internet.

Born on 7th April 1964, Russell is 26 years senior to Britney. With their November 2020 viral romantic moments, their fans and followers assume that the two officially announces their relationship soon.

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