Alexandra Lerner was labeled a homewrecker. Thus, her introduction to public life was far from conventional.

Read about Alexandra’s extraordinary ascendency to popularity by digging into her wiki. Also, get acquainted with her age, net worth, and former husband by reading the article below!

How Old Is Alexandra Lerner? Wiki, Job, Net Worth

Turning 53 years of age, Alexandra Lerner reportedly celebrated her birthday in 2019. Per records online, she was born in the year 1966.

According to, Alexandra was of German descent. Meanwhile, New York was her adopted home. (

Wiki info about Alexandra’s upbringing, family and educational background evaded public knowledge (as of February 2020).

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Reportedly, Alexandra once held a job at the upscale restaurant “Le Bilboquet.” A constant fixture in the New York social scene, she attended Kentucky Derby and fashion shows.

Per, Alexandra was once associated with the PR company “Harlem Shake.”

Owning a slender built, Alexandra stands a little below five feet & nine inches in height. Flaunting her blonde hair, she carries herself so effortlessly.

Discussing net worth: Alexandra kept her finances under the wrap. However, a rough estimation places her fortune around the range of $100k-250k.

Dan Gasby, B Smith, Dating

Alexandra Lerner crossed paths with future boyfriend Dan Gasby at a bar in 2017. At the time, the latter was still married to restauranter & lifestyle guru B. Smith — who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (early-onset) in 2013. He was also the late B. Smith’s primary caregiver.

Bonded over the shared experience of dealing with people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Alexandra and Dan fell for each other. When the two first commenced dating, she was looking after her father with dementia.

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In late-2018, Alexandra and Dan made their romance public. Instead of asking him to move out, she moved in and began taking care of B. Smith.

Upon the revelation, fans slammed the relationship — accusing the Dan ignoring his then-ailing wife and splashing fortune on Alexandra.

Dan’s daughter Dana, however, was one of the very few people who approved — at times, defended – the union.

Together, Alexandra & Dan began hosting a radio show called “Thank You, Dan & Alex.” On the show, she was touted as a radio personality & vegan chef.

Alexandra Lerner and Dan Gasby hold their radio talk show (Pic –

On 22nd February 2020, B. Smith passed away. She was 70 years old. Even then, Alexandra and Dan’s romance continued to draw criticism.

Dard Coaxum, Children, Divorce

Before Dan Gasby, Alexandra Lerner was in an equally high-profile romance with Dard Coaxum — the self-anointed “Harlem Gatsby.”

In 2015, Dard slugged a man named Julio Torres to death. Upon the arrest, he claimed self-defense.

For her part, Alexandra stood by Dard but later changed her testimony confessing that he had thrown the initial punch.

After the jury found guilty of the assault charges in 2016, Dard was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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Before Dard, Alexandra had been through a divorce. With her mysterious husband, she shared three children — Jacqueline Lerner being one.

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