Alessandra Masi was never less popular for her magnificent acting and production manager job. However, her romance with the legendary man, Charles Dance rose her to the next level of popularity after 2018.

With this, many got interested in her early life, her family, education, and not to miss, her relationship status with Charles. To know about all, read further!

Alessandra Masi Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Alessandra Masi is about 2 decades junior to her boyfriend in age. She was 53-years-old, while her boyfriend, Charles was 73 years of age in 2020.

When it comes to her birthday, Alessandra’s birthday remained concealed from the public. Hence, her zodiac sign is also a secret due to that.

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Alessandra Masi Wiki — Nationality, Family, Education

By nationality, Alessandra Masi is Italian. She was born in a well-to-do family in Bologna, Italy. She never revealed further details on her family, be it about her parents or siblings, in case she had one.

Talking about her education, Alessandra went to Bologna University for her later education. She did her degree in film, from the university.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Alessandra Masi stands at a satisfying height of 5 feet 6 inches. She possesses a perfect weight of under 57 kgs with that height, which is quite surprising to many people.

Alessandra’s overall look is itself her distinct features. The lady in her fifties maintained her physique in such a flawless way, she appears distinct, by both her facial features plus body measurements.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Facebook, Twitter

Alessandra Masi is publicly not on any social media. Most of her, as well as Charles’s followers, have tried to reach her on social media, but she was not active anywhere.

Her absence on IG and Twitter made people search for her account on Facebook. However, the lady was not even on Facebook.

She never unveiled her reason for not being on social media. But Alessandra graduated in film and soon started her career in the entertainment industry. So she might be busy with her career insights still and not much interested in social media.

Alessandra Masi Job, Net Worth, Movies & TV Shows

The ones, who discovered Alessandra late thought that she is an actress alone. It’s a half-truth as the lady appeared in well-rated movies like The Target and Norma.

She also worked on TV shows like Master of None, Strange Landscape, and so on.

However, Alessandra is an actress but not an actress alone but a production manager too. For most of her time in the entertainment industry, Alessandra worked as a production manager.

Her job as a production manager passed through many movies and TV shows including The Inn at the Edge of the World, The Book of Vision, After the War, and Edward Enderby.

In the drama, The Inn at the Edge of the World, Alessandra’s partner Charles, not only plays the lead role but also is director and co-writer.

All in all, as an individual, Alessandra Masi reportedly garnered a net worth of near $5 million. Also, her boyfriend, a renowned actor, director, and screenwriter amassed a satisfying net worth of $5 million.

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Alessandra Masi & Charles Dance: Dating, Engaged, Married

Since the two were spotted together, the tittle-tattles on Alessandra Masi and Charles Dance have been persistent on the net.

Despite this, the couple never made a public statement about their relationship. However, fans estimated that they met somewhat in 2018 during the shoot of The Book of Vision.

In the 2020 released psychological drama, The Book of Vision, Alessandra worked as a production manager while Charles was an actor.

Maybe they actually started dating since then, as they got happily engaged.

Charles’ ladylove had a ringed ring finger in September 2020, when spotted with her fiance.

Alessandra Masi visits the market with her boyfriend, Charles Dance. (Pic- NHPIX)

Their 2020 Venice Film Festival appearance made a total buzz on the internet.

Thereafter, their fans believe that Alessandra and Charles can head to get married anytime soon.

Talking about their life before, Charles was married to the well-known sculptor Joanna Haythorn for 34 years. They had two children, Oliver and Rebecca, born 6 years apart. Oliver and Rebecca were in their early and mid-40s respectively, in 2020.

More than 3 decades-long marriage between Joanna and Charles ended up with a divorce in 2004.

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