Joining Love Island season 3 part-way through the series, Leslie Golden appeared on its July 25 2021 ep for the Casa Amor twist. This was the TikTok star’s first time on a reality dating show.

But who is she? Keep reading this Leslie Golden Wiki to learn all about her. 

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Leslie Golden On Love Island

Leslie Golden was one of the 10 singles to join Love Island season 3, threatening the already established relationships of 12 contestants before them.  According to the show’s narrator, the Islanders this season were “torn” over prospective lovers, and as Casa Amor came into play, things would be “going down.”.

The other 9 contestants who accompanied Leslie were — Girls: Kay Taylor, Genevieve Shawcross, Florence Mueller, and Isabel Johnson; and Boys: Gabe Sadowsky, Raul Frias, Andrew John Phillips, Tony “Ballo” Caraballo, and Charlie Lynch.

Like the previous installment, season 3 abandoned its usual paradisiac aesthetic due to the COVID-19 restrictions and reportedly was filmed at a huge resort in Hilo, Hawaii.

If you don’t know what Casa Amor is, it’s the second villa used in the Love Island series. The Islanders from the main villa are put there (for 3-4 days), and when they return, they must decide to return to their old partner, or with the new one.

Her Age, Birthday

Leslie Golden was 24 years of age when she first appeared on  Love Island in 2021.

She celebrates her birthday on April 17 and is of the Aries zodiac.

Leslie Golden Family

Leslie Golden hails from Red Water, TX, where her dad worked in construction. He was also the first person to employ her. She recalled her first job ever was working alongside him, hanging vinyl siding.

Apart from her father, Leslie didn’t share anything about her family.

As for her childhood, Leslie revealed that she was a “band nerd” who started playing piano ever since fifth grade. And if she ever got the chance to go back and talk to herself, she would ask the kid to “not be afraid of anything and do whatever you want to do. Like dying your hair.”

Has Leslie Golden Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Leslie Golden is a blue-eyed beauty with an amazing facial structure and voluptuous body. And with pulchritude, came skepticism. Many over the internet believed that Leslie had gone under plastic surgery to become who she was. However, those were just baseless rumors. 

As of 2021, there was no evidence that Leslie underwent plastic surgery. 

The only medical treatment that she confessed to was her laser tattoo removal. Leslie is a major tattoo fan, and she admits that she made some mistakes while young. Thus, the laser tattoo removal 

If you are curious, Leslie removed her side stomach and front thigh tattoos. But still, most of the parts of her body like her arms and side thighs were covered with beautiful flower tattoos.

Her Height, Measurements

Leslie Golden stands tall at a height above 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her body measurements were 36-25-36 inches.

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Her Instagram, TikTok

As of July 2021, Leslie boasted 467K followers on Instagram @lesliehannahbelle, and 3K followers on her backup account @lesliewthehair.

Also, her TikTok then entertained 823.7K followers.

Her Twitter had 11.3K followers then.

Trivia: Leslie had a lot of famous friends over IG. Some of them included Kaitlynn Anderson, Sher Suarez, Chase Keith, Maggie Lindemann, Bennett Sipes, Jacob Berger, and many more.

Leslie Golden Job, Net Worth

By 2021, Leslie Golden garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand.

If you ask around, everyone will tell you that Leslie Golden is a star TikTok content creator, but here we are to let you in on more of her job adventures.

Leslie has been an acrobat for a couple of years — doing “trapeze, Lyra hoop, and anything that’s basically hanging from the ceiling.” And according to her, she is an amazing “pole dancer” as well.

Before stepping into TikTok, Leslie also worked as a bartender.

So, after TikTok, sponsorships came flooding her way and she went on to become a member and graced the cover of Clubhouse magazine. Leslie was represented by Rebels Management then.

In Jan 2020, she was also featured in Wiz Khalifa’s “High Right Now” music video.

Aside from TikTok, Leslie reeled in a few bucks from her OnlyFans account as well. Her 3 months and 6 months subscriptions then cost $54 and $96 respectively.

Fun Fact: This Red Water, TX beauty’s favorite place to visit was Thailand.

Is Leslie Golden Bisexual?

Yes, Leslie Golden is bisexual. But she also identifies herself as “Femme”.

According to her, Leslie was more into girls and loved the perks of dating them like — “not having to go home before sleepovers because they have everything you need, being able to share clothes and shoes, and getting to go to the bathroom together.”

However, “tall brunette guys with tattoos and pierced ears” also got her heart racing.

Leslie Golden Boyfriend, Girlfriend

As of 2021, Leslie Golden was single. When fans asked why she didn’t entertain one, Leslie replied with a Blue Nightmare song, “No Idea x One in A Million”.

The lyrics go, “I’m picky with my women, I’m deciding…”

So, what quality was she looking for in her next boyfriend/girlfriend? The answers are “codependency, someone who is emotionally and financially dependent on themselves,” and lastly, someone who didn’t “need” rather “wanted” her.

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