Bill Day is more than the husband of Tamara Day. Not only is he a sound support system for the HGTV star but also a financial planner who helps her run her business.

Here, delve into Bill Day wiki and discover his age, job, and height. Likewise, find out his net worth, parents, and Instagram!

Bill Day Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In 2020, Bill Day reached 51 years of age. With his birthday on 5th October, Bill grew up a Libra. Moreover, 1969 marked his birth year.

Bill Day Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Growing up, Bill called Springfield, Missouri his hometown.

Bill Day was born to parents named Wilma “Billie” Day (mother) and Virgil Day (father).

Wilma and Virgil made a fortune investing in real estate. Virgil, who served in the US Army, passed away circa 2017. A year later, Wilma succumbed to a prolonged illness.

For siblings, Bill has 2 brothers named Steve and Tom. By 2020, both Steve and Tom were both married with kids.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Blessed with manly features, Bill appears dashing in his stubble beard.

Additionally, Bill Day measures above 5 feet 11 inches in height. As for his weight, it hovers around 85 kilograms.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

In January 2020, Bill joined Instagram. With 32 posts on the platform, as of November 2020, he had a meager 137 followers. Elsewhere on Facebook, Bill enjoyed around 500 friends.

Bill Day Job, Net Worth, Education

Before moving into Bill’s job & net worth, let’s take a tour of his academic qualification.

As noted on his Facebook profile, Bill attended Glendale. He then graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree from the University of Missouri in 1992.

Post-college, Bill launched “BL Day Properties”. By 2020, he had owned the company for 25 years.

Along with the company, Bill began acting as the principal/wealth advisor of the Kansas-based firm called Integrated Wealth Advisory Services Inc. He joined the firm in January 2013.

Bill’s about section on his LinkedIn profile read,

“As a Principal and Wealth Advisor at Integrated Wealth, Bill believes that a personalized approach is the only approach to wealth management. Bill’s focus is primarily in the medical community, managing the personal wealth of medical professionals as well as their practice’s retirement plans. In addition, he advises successful families on how to make their investment assets provide sufficiently for them and generations to come. Securities offered through Gĕneos Wealth Management, Inc., member FINRA / SIPC. Advisory services offered through Integrated Wealth Advisory Services, Inc.”

Bill Day’s net worth, as of 2020, reportedly was above $3 million. The figures, however, hadn’t received a confirmation from Bill or a source close to him.

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Bill & Tamara Day: Dating, Wedding, Kids

In 1998, Bill met Tamara Day (Née Schraeder) at Bartle Hall, Kansas City. At the time, they were managing stalls next to one another.

Bill and Tamara, however, wouldn’t go on their first date until 6 months after their first meeting. Fast forward to November 2000, they tied the knot.

By 2020, Bill and his wife, Tamara had become parents of 4 kids: Henry Day (Jan 2004), Bobby Day (Mar 2006), Tom Day (Nov 2007), and Nora Day (Nov 2013).

With Tamara, Bill bought a home in 2008. But before the married couple could hire contractors to improve their house, the great recession of the late-2000s hit.

While still looking after their 3 kids, Tamara opted to renovate their home herself. During the process, her father Ward Schraeder was of great help.

What had started as a necessity became a booming business. And when the DIY Network came knocking, Tamara and her father starred on the show. Meanwhile, Bill played the role of a supportive spouse.

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